Carpet Cleaning Equipment Basic Guide

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Image result for carpet cleaning needsChoosing the right carpet cleaning equipment for your carpet cleaning is an important task to do especially if you have a fully carpeted house.  Carpet traps a lot of dust and small debris.  It is also damaged by food spills and stains.  Thus, maintaining and cleaning the carpet is not an easy job.  In fact, a lot of housewives hate cleaning and vacuuming their carpets. If you have small children and pets in your house, cleaning the carpet may be a daily task or at least a weekly task you should not procrastinate.  This tedious task will be easier provided that you choose the right equipment to use.

There are a lot of carpet cleaning equipment, tools and cleaning accessories that you can use for your carpets.  Sometimes vacuum cleaners like backpack vacuum and vacuum accesories such as Miele vacuum bags are not enough to eliminate all the dirt and stain in your carpet.  This is why some people prefer to call cleaning services that use professional carpet cleaning equipment.  Since this business deals with a lot of customers with different carpet cleaning needs, they use big machines that are classified under commercial carpet cleaning equipment.   Obviously, if you want to do your carpet cleaning on your own, you don’t have to buy these big machines.  Carpet cleaning equipment are a bit expensive that some savvy users go to thrift stores and recycle shop to find used carpet cleaning equipment.  You may want to try this option if you are in a tight budget.  Also, some online shops offer carpet cleaning package deals that contains a carpet cleaning equipment, some extra tools and the necessary cleaning supplies you need.

For a typical home, a basic carpet cleaning package is enough to make your carpet clean.  What this package includes? The basic carpet cleaning equipment you will need is as follows;

1. Carpet Steam Machines

  • these has several names and also know as carpet cleaners, carpet steam cleaners or the most common name is carpet extractors

2. Carpet Blower Dryers

  • These are dryers use to dry out your carpet after  you shampoo and  deep clean it with the extractors

3. Carpet Chemical/ Cleaning Solution

  • These are chemicals that will remove all the stains in your carpets

These items are the basic stuff you need to clean your carpet.  The important aspect is having a good carpet extractor.  The above mentioned carpet cleaning equipment and supplies are further classified into different types.  There are various models of carpet extractors available in the market. You can also choose from a wide selection of blowers depending on its power to speedy dry your carpets.  This post will not dig deeper on this matter as the next post will tackle more about carpet cleaning equipment in detailed manner.

In summary, in order to clean your carpet without damaging its sensitive fibers, you should choose the appropriate carpet cleaning equipment.  Know your carpet nature and start to scout for the perfect machine that will do the job.

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