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If you've been keeping up with the news lately you know that identity protection has become big business, especially considering how pervasive the Internet is and how easy it is to steal someone's identity and by extension, their life. Something to think about is that while this is becoming more and more of an issue, there are still many people that don't think that it'll happen to them or that it is necessary. This begs the question of whether or not identity protection should be made mandatory.

Several discussions have taken place over the past several months regarding whether or not ID theft protection programs are necessary for consumers, or if they are simply a waste of money. This article covers both sides of the argument, and presents information not previously discussed.

The traumas and problems associated with identity theft are by no means new on the scene. Those of you who are accustomed to working on the internet, purchasing or for any personal use will know that there has become an increasing risk in internet identity theft as more and more people are using it to carry out their daily activities.

New solutions are emerging -- make sure that they provide effective prevention, monitoring, insurance, and recovery assistance, and are reasonably priced. The Identity Theft Defense Center is a leading solution, available as a low-priced employee benefit, and also providing enterprise training, consulting, and liability protection.

‚ÄčAre you aware of really how often you expose yourself to identity theft? You are probably constantly exposing information without giving it a second thought. Every time you mail out an application for a credit card, or you mail a check of any kind, you are putting yourself at risk to have your identity stolen.

Identity theft is a very scary thing and identity theft prevention is you're the only protection. If you're wondering what can I do, you'll find several different ways that you can prevent and protect yourself from identity theft and fraud. By creating a few proactive identity theft habits you will be able to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft.

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